Our main focus in this vertical is to create awareness and improvise the workforce and the required test tools for the optical fiber cable connectivity.

Which drills down to two broad operating segments,

OFC Training Services 

We have a dedicated professional team having technical and operational expertise on the optical fiber cable deployment and test tools, shall provide training to your OFC workforce (i.e. OFC Technicians or Engineers) through set of fundamental theoretical courses in the initial front and then to the practical hands-on courses with the help of test tools like splicing machine, OTDR, Light Source, Power Meter, etc. We also provide custom-made or specialized training as per the workforce/client requirements.

OFC Test Tools

We offer a wide range of test and measurement products addressing the optical fiber cable sector catering to deployment, commissioning, service activation, troubleshooting and maintenance stages.

This test tools are from the industry’s leading OEMs, so as to provide you with the cutting edge technology products which are highly reliable and value for money.

Our Test and Measurement Products Categories are,

Test Equipments

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) 

Characterizes the optical fiber cable link and produces the results in a user-understandable method in the form of time domain graph as well as event table covering all the events like, connectors, splices, splitters, micro-bends, macro-bends, fiber-sections and fiber-cut.

Fiber Splicing Machine

Used to make a permanent splicing or joining of two optical fiber cables together with fusion method of arcing with high precision of alignment, accuracy and lesser optical loss.

Light Source & Power Meter

Used to measure and calculate the total optical loss of the optical fiber cable link so as to derive the optical power budget for the link as well as to certify the link.

Supplementary Test Tools 

Live Fiber Detector

Ideal to detect the active optical fiber from the bunch of active and in-active optical fibers without disconnecting the optical fiber, with the precise macro-bending technique based non-intrusion method.

Visual Fault Locator

Visually emits red laser and pinpoints the breaks, macro-bends and connector/splice faults in the shorter distance optical fiber links, especially optical patch chords (optical jumpers) within the control room.

Inspection & Cleaning Kits

There is the industry reference that 80% of the outside plant (OSP) optical fiber cable loss issues are found to be related to dirty/damaged fiber connector (end faces). This kits is the ideal solution to for dry/wet cleaning and to inspect the cleanliness of the fiber connector end faces in the field as well as control room.


  • High Precision Fiber Cleaver
  • Cleaver Blade
  • Splicing Machine Electrode
  • AC/DC Charger Adapter
  • Battery Unit
  • Equipment Carry Case/Bag
  • Launch Fiber
  • Equipment Fiber Connectors