EXFO MAX-715B Traditional vs iOLM OTDR

EXFO, one of the pioneers in the optical test and measurement industry, had come up with yet another revolutionary product, this time the industry’s first, unique and patented most advanced yet simpler to use OTDR application, Intelligent Optical Link Mapper (iOLM). As the title indicates it is truly more friendly yet powerful and intuitive without any compromise at all….


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When testing a FTTH Passive Optical Network (PON) with an OTDR, it is key to determine optimum parameters providing enough dynamic range with the highest resolution possible. To compensate OTDR technology limitations, more than one OTDR trace is often required to find all the events on the link.

Using different pulse widths and multiple wavelengths overcomes this limitation.


Traditional OTDR Method

Traditional OTDR Results

ISSUES of Traditional OTDR Method

Traditional OTDR Issues

-> FTTx PON link consists of multiple Splitters with split counts of upto 1:128. Standard OTDRs are not capable to pass through those splitters and characterise the link.

-> PON optimized OTDRs are capable to test through Splitters but user need to do multiple traces for the same link with multiple pulse width and distance range configurations to fully characterize this link, which forces to consume enormous amount of the user’s time to test the fiber link, still to analyse that complex traces it requires highly skilled technician.

EXFO’s Unique & Patented iOLM Method

EXFO iOLM Results


EXFO iOLM Benefits

-> Unique & Patented EXFO’s most advanced algorithm with automated multi-pulse measurement and analysis with unmatched intelligence and simplicity, the iOLM converts complex OTDR tests into, clear and accurate go/no-go results, through a single button operation.

Interested to know more on the product? Please do contact us at info@canlitek.com or at +91-8072170526, we will help you out.

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